Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 3

Day 3 of my 21 day My Fit Foods challenge is complete.  I had a great day....lots of great meals....lots of energy.  I powered through a great day of teaching music and getting work done.  And, I ended the evening in the gym, followed by a hot bath.  Life is good!  I'm ready for bed.  After all the partying over the holidays, I'm happy to get to bed early and to wake up without a headache.

As I watched some music videos on MTV, it occurred to me that it is easier to find love outside the U.S.  When I've traveled, and when I lived overseas (in Spain for a summer and in London for a work project in 1999), I found love more easily.  And, I noticed more couples embracing love more easily.  Americans can be so caught up - in image, what others think, making money, being the best, managing a schedule...don't get me wrong, all of those things can be great.  I especially love the American propensity for excellent personal hygiene.  But, I have to wonder - are we getting in our own way?  Why do we get so caught up?

Love should be natural...including the love of oneself.  Yet, we beat ourselves up, and we get into negative patterns.  Ultimately, life should be about balance.  Yet, we sometimes have to go to extremes to get balance.  I'm still hoping that I find my dream guy through my current quest for fitness and well-being.  I know I've spent enough time in the bar scene to realize that my dream guy has yet to emerge there.

A client asked me today - are there any prospects?  And, I said yes....lots to date but none I'm sure I'd marry.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, I'm finding myself - striving for balance and taking care to enjoy life as a single person.

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