Monday, January 31, 2011

Dallas Bridal Show and grocery store encounter

This past weekend, I enjoyed two days at the Dallas Bridal Show near downtown Dallas.  I was in the Demetrios fashion show, modeling three gowns.  It felt great to slip into the gorgeous princess-style dresses.  It's kind of like an adult dress up fantasy - taking me back to my dress up in my mom's closet days.  I know guys find it silly, but girls often can relate.  There's just something about putting on a beautiful dress.

I met a ton of amazing vendors at the Bridal Show, and I garnered additional support for the Project Husband wedding giveaway, which has me very excited.  I am passionate about providing a dream wedding for an amazing, deserving couple.  The contest is open on, and a current list of items in the wedding giveaway is on Facebook:

After the show on Saturday, I needed to head straight to the grocery store.  I was out of toilet paper, that's how busy I've been.  If you've ever been there, you know that it's not a great feeling.  I was in the grocery store, in my flattering dress from Frocks, and I got lots of attention from grocery personnel - especially the guy in the drinks aisle.  I was looking for some healthy beverages with Stevia, but I guess I have to head to Whole Foods for those.  Anyhow, the guy in the aisle said, "How are you doing?"  I said, "Great.  How are you?"  He said, "Much better now."  It was cute, and it meant nothing, but it was fun to have the exchange with him, especially since it had been a while since I had done any flirting!  I've been so excited about planning someone else's wedding, that I haven't thought about myself in a relationship for a while.  I've also been busy working, taking yoga and eating well - so dating hasn't entered into the picture much at all this month.

As I headed to the health and beauty section, I saw a guy bent over looking at shaving cream.  His cart was in the way, so I said, "Is it okay if I just move your cart to get by?"  He stood up and said, "Oh, yes.  I'm sorry,"  I then proceeded to knock into his cart with mine, while noticing how amazingly cute he was.  I didn't usually see hot guys in Albertson's.  He noticed that I knocked into his cart and said, "I guess you're getting me back."  We both smiled and laughed.

I finished up my shopping and headed to the car.  I looked around, and no one was coming, so I backed up.  Suddenly, I heard my rear sensor going crazy, and I stopped.  The same cute guy was right behind my car!  I almost hit him!  He backed up, and said, "I guess you're still getting me back."  I blushed and smiled and apologized for not seeing him.  I said, "I didn't see you, but I heard my rear sensor."  He said, "I'm glad it worked!"  It was fun to almost run into him.  I hope I see him again.

The next day at Day 2 of the Bridal Show, I met two guys who had messaged me months ago.  They probably weren't that into Project Husband and dating in front of or near a camera.  And, I totally understand.  Nonetheless, it was fun to meet both of them within minutes of each other - for the first time in person.  We had traded several messages, and I even talked on the phone with one of them, but we never met up.  It was cool to see them face to face, and I liked both of them.  A normal date could be in my future...and perhaps a mate!

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  1. I just caught you on Dr Phil...Have you found someone yet? How far out are you casting your net?

    I've been seriously asked to look for commitment minded women, but I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (though an American by birth ~^_^~)

    Had to put the question out there