Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 7

I completed week one of the My Fit Foods 21-day challenge, and it feels SO good!  I lost four pounds in the first week....I gained clarity and sleep!  Removing alcohol and caffeine from my diet has been a really good thing.

I think it's also powerful to eat fresh food...we're all so busy, and we're on the go - it's easy to grab fast food or processed food or food that just isn't good for us.  We need a daily siesta so that we can shop for and prepare fresh foods.  The beauty of My Fit Foods is that it's prepared daily, and it's totally fresh and delicious (and I don't have to do the work).  Plus, it's so hard to cook just for one.  It's quite different when cooking for a family.  Being single has its challenges....but I'm not complaining.  I loved coming home from work last night, grabbing a workout and a hot bath and getting to bed with no obstacles, no complaints and no resistance!  I've come to realize how single I really am!  Any noises or disruptions totally disrupt my sleep.  A good friend of mine just had a baby girl, and I can only imagine her sleepless nights.  I'm sure it's all worth it!  But, for now, I'm grateful to have my quiet time and space.

I have two weeks to go on my fitness challenge.  (At least this time around).  I've realized fitness is a life-long quest.  It's a journey not a destination - like all of life.  I believe I will continue to build strength and health over the years.  I think it only gets better.  I look at my parents who are in great health - and my 84-year-old grandmother, who is all about town!  Growing old doesn't have to be a bad thing.  Those who seem to retain youth the most seem to have control over their habits, their bodies and their views of themselves.  Confidence goes a long way....and it's up to each one of us to take care of ourselves.  No one else can do it for us!

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