Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 16 & 17 | feeling good

Day 16 of my 21 day challenge with My Fit Foods was excellent - I had a productive day at work, with my cleverly spaced out meals.  I still have resisted the temptation of caffeine or alcohol, although I really could go for a cup of coffee!  I worked out with Vickie Griffith Friday evening - working on a dance routine - which has me really excited.  I've wanted to be able to dance forever.  Granted, I think I can dance after a few cocktails, and I can, but that's not the same thing I'm discussing here.  With Vickie, I'm learning new moves, inspired by the burlesque style, and I'm coming into my own...embracing my inner dancer.

I also had a Skype chat in the afternoon with Kens5 television network in San Antonio...announcing my wedding giveaway.  I explained that I had found a series of guys in the Mr. Right Now category but not the one Mr. Right.  The guys at the station loved that...

On Day 17, I had a ton of energy throughout the day and didn't have the usual urge for a Saturday afternoon nap.  I worked with music students and had some great lessons...and, I love teaching music, by the way.  It is completely uplifting and fun to see young students light up when they listen and succeed by improving.

In the late afternoon, I enjoyed the community yoga class - 4pm Saturdays - at YogaSport.  It was incredible to witness the energy in the room!  I love the community feel, because as I'm struggling and moving and bending, I suddenly realize that I'm not alone!  As a group, we take a collective breath and a big sigh-exhale.  As I hear the collective sighing, I can feel that everyone around me feels something big and significant.  I'm not the only one carrying around millions of thoughts, high expectations, pressure and stress - everyone around me has an orbit of issues...and I am comforted by the thought.  I feel good knowing that I'm not the only one feeling the weight of the world and feeling a need to release it.  The community class concept is really compelling.  I love the support, the motivation and the peace found in a group of yogis - at all levels, all stages of yoga and life.  Plus, there was a really cute guy in class, two rows behind me...

I can tell that my program of dancing with Vickie, yoga at YogaSport and nutrition from My Fit Foods is yielding results.  Vickie told me I was looking slim, and she would know....and I know she wouldn't lie.  A friend also told me recently that I was looking radiant.  That felt good, too.  

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