Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 9 | empowered

Yesterday was Day 9 of the 21 day challenge with My Fit Foods...I'm still loving the food and loving the way I feel.  I had a great day at work with Dreamfly Productions and Cary Pierce.  I had a few meetings in the earlier part of the day and then worked at a concert for Cary (called Hyer Dads Rock) followed by a show for a Dreamfly-represented band, Elise Davis Band.

Cary's show at Hyer Elementary was incredible.  He assembled a rockin' band of fathers from the school and even included a choir of children to sing some of his originals and a fantastic rendition of Free Fallin' -- he also included a parody of Harry Potter's Puppet Pals, which was hilarious and brilliantly executed.  All of the families were so inspiring to me.  I loved seeing the happy children with boundless energy and the parents, as they rallied in their support of the school and love for their children.  It made me hopeful about having a family of my own someday...

At the Elise Davis Band show, I enjoyed the atmosphere of The Prophet Bar and the great, live music.  Both shows reminded me how much I love experiencing live music.  I hadn't been to a show in a while.  And, all of the music was energizing.  I sipped water at both shows, which felt great.  I didn't feel a need to have a drink at The Prophet Bar, even though the bar is ample.  I was working, I was networking, and I was feeling alert and alive.  Granted, I was more than ready for bed when I arrived home close to 1AM.  All in a day's work!  I felt good about staying on track with the nutritional program outlined by My Fit Foods, and I enjoyed being able to sleep in this morning!

Also yesterday, Amanda Salinas from the local CW33 interviewed me about my wedding plans.  We're planning a big announcement Monday night on the news (which also will be posted on, and I am excited....

I feel good, empowered, inspired, elated, grounded, humbled, honored and human.  This life presents an amazing journey.  It feels good to hop on board and enjoy the ride.

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