Friday, March 26, 2010

5th date + cancellation

Yesterday, I had a 5th date at lunchtime and a 2nd date scheduled for the evening......

The 5th date was going very well, and we ended up grabbing an early dinner.  During dinner, I heard from my evening date that he was working late, so I spent more time with my original date...and for the evening date, he snoozed, he lost.

Funny how in life we can plan and control and then have to flex....I've found that the flexing can lead to the most fun.  With my date from yesterday, the chemistry is strong...and being apart a couple of days makes it stronger.  I feel good about the progress and the connection.  It will be good to have some new first dates to compare and contrast.

So far, so good....but I need to find a couple of new candidates for some interaction, some film clips and some new insight.  Throughout this process, I want to reflect upon and share my dating experiences and learning experiences.  So far, my main conclusion is that nothing can be forced.  If the timing isn't right, or if the chemistry isn't there, the relationship is over before it begins.  If someone is too eager or too distant, wires get crossed.  Dating requires a delicate balance of mutual interest, separate lives, scheduling, timing and luck.  So, wish me luck!

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