Friday, March 5, 2010

CW 33 and last night

Yesterday was an action packed day....

In the afternoon, I met with a fantastic team at the CW 33 TV station in Dallas.  My neighbor and friend, Anna, works for the station and set up the meeting.  The station wants to help me tell my story, which is awesome.  I met with a full team at the CW 33, from creative services director to producer.  The station is as excited as I am!  I purchased the domain, and Anna is helping me administer the content.  There will be pics, video, blogging, interactive discussions, polls and all kinds of fun stuff!

Last night, I had a double date with my good friend, Joanie, and her boyfriend and a date from  My date and I first met months ago - probably around November.  And we had a nice first date back then.  For our second date, he was running late from a business meeting and couldn't make it in time to meet me.  So, we missed our chance there, and I was annoyed at his poor time management skills.  He sort of redeemed himself by taking me to the airport in December for my holiday trip.  We stayed in touch after that point, but we did not see each other until last night.  He is sweet and young - 26 to my 35.  But he is mature and sensitive and loyal to his family.  I like him.  It's a slow connection for me, however.  It's not an immediate get over here and touch me connection.  But it's a nice, comfortable vibe with him.  As the night progressed, I wanted to get closer to him, and we did move closer at our table.  Joanie and her date were adorable and totally into each other.  My date and I took a while longer to gain physical proximity, but it did happen.  And it was nice.  I'd say he's in the running.....I've got at least a few nice bachelors in the line up....and it's all good!!

One of the best parts about Project Husband is hearing other people's love stories.  Yesterday at the TV station, I heard about two romantic unions.  Both were very inspiring.  One woman didn't find her man until her late 40's, but she is totally in love and content with her companion.  She said it happened for her as soon as she fully accepted and loved herself.  Interesting...The other woman I spoke with said that she and her husband took their time at first, but he remained persistent, and over time, she fell completely in love with him.  She had beautiful flowers and truffles on her desk - sent from her hubby for her birthday.  I just love how people light up and smile when they talk about love.  I want that!

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