Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wedding photographer booked - Premiere Photography

I met with an amazing team a Premiere Photography today - and we will be working together for my wedding!!

The first step is a photo shoot this Saturday during the Unveiled bridal event at the Dallas Convention Center.  I love the creativity and personalization that the studio offers....and it is located across the street from the wedding venue.

The wedding planning process is coming right along...this weekend's bridal event should inspire some great ideas.  Also, I have four dates planned through the weekend, so we'll see how the groom hunting unfolds...!!

During my meeting at Premiere, two potential grooms emerged in loves dogs (which is good for my Zoe), and the other sounds like a sweet, professional guy looking for a good woman.

So, bring on the grooms!!!  Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement.  This just feels right for may not be for everyone, but I believe that the boldness of Project Husband will help me attract someone who not only tolerates my assertiveness but also really likes it!!!


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