Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shopping and wardrobe | color it up

Since launching Project Husband, I have learned something very important - wardrobe and color can communicate for me before I say a word.  Yes, this isn't rocket science, but I didn't want to admit that I needed to re-think my presentation.  Those of you who know me can recall that I, historically, have worn black almost all the's just so easy and slimming and clean-looking!!  

At a friend's birthday party, I talked with an independent stylist who got her start at Barney's New York.  She noticed that I was often photographed in black and happened to be wearing black that evening.  She did the impossible - she convinced me to add color to my wardrobe.  Lately, I have sported deep purple, red and turquoise shirts, and I realized that the stylist was right on target!  Before saying a word, I get a reaction from people such as - that purple is really working for you, or you look so great in that color, or you are my hero!!  Now, part of this reaction is my renewed spirit and sense of purpose.  However, the color choices are reinforcing my internal feelings and thoughts.  

Tonight, I am going shopping with my pastor's daughter - she is a Styling Director for JCPenney, and she always looks amazing.  We are going to the Galleria to hope for some good buys and wardrobe enhancers.  I know I'm in good hands with her...

Dating is a game, and it helps to have all the right pieces.  My offensive tactics involve colorful ammunition and colors that speak for themselves....sending all the right signals.  It's amazing how I feel better about myself in a vivid color, as well....  

Now, I won't abandon my love of black clothing and accessories - my love for black pants, belts, shoes, nail polish, car and poodle (favorite accessory) will never subside.  However, I love the contrast of black with a color that pops.  It's so fun!!!!  

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