Monday, March 15, 2010

Miami weekend recap

This past weekend was a ton of fun - I spent time with girlfriends at a bachelorette party in Miami and enjoyed a fantastic day at the beach Saturday.  I was scheduled on a flight Saturday night, but the flight was delayed, then cancelled.  I was annoyed at first, but I took a cab back to meet my friends, and I ended up having a fantastic night.

The girls were at a club called Liv, and it was packed when I arrived close to midnight.  We had to work some magic with the bouncers, but soon, I was inside sipping champagne with some new friends.  I proceeded to meet two beautiful girls from Atlanta, who were excited about a singles mixer in their city.

I learned that the bachelorette was ready to go, so I finished my champagne and headed back to our hotel.  We decided to have drinks on the front patio of our hotel, and it became a revolving door for various groups of guys.  The group that stayed was a bachelor party - affiliated with the bride's fiance's brother....small world!  I met a cute Russian, and we all stayed up talking and sipping cocktails until the sun came up.  I had been re-booked on a flight the following morning, so I decided to forget about sleeping...I stayed up all night.

Ironically, I ended up running into one of the girls in the lobby while waiting for a cab.  We shared a ride to the airport, and it was so nice to spend more time with my friend.  It's funny how a change in plans can bring unexpected connections and fun.

Also, as I stayed up talking with my friends on the patio of the hotel, new connections and ideas for Project Husband emerged - including a contact who started his own dating site, a producer at MTV and a new friend who works for a record label in Chicago.  None of these contacts would have emerged without my flight cancellation....thus, it was a happy accident.

Now, it's back to dating in Dallas....I'm working on new video footage and of course, I'm working on finding my man - but I'm going to trust the process and keep the faith.  Nothing shall be forced.

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