Monday, March 8, 2010

Yesterday's stands out

I had two dates yesterday....both interesting...both fun....but one stands out....

The first date was meant to be at a coffee shop, but the shop had closed, so we ventured to a nearby restaurant.  We ended up having some wine and a late lunch/snack.  The conversation was excellent - clearly he was a thoughtful and intelligent guy.  However, I did not feel attracted to him.  I know he is attractive, but I didn't feel he was my type.  As we talked and spent more time together, I grew to like him as a person.  But I still didn't feel the urge to be near him.  I feel he is more of a friendship candidate, and since that's not what I'm looking for, I don't know that a second date would be fair.  But is it too hasty to cut someone off after one date?  What if he had an off day?  What if I am too picky?  What if I have an image/profile in my mind that doesn't exist?  Will I be alone forever if I keep my standards too high?  Or will I find my match by sticking to my guns and trusting my instincts?  How many chances are we supposed to give a date?  If I know how I feel in my heart right now, is it unfair to string him along?  He was such a good sport about Project Husband - he was cool with the camera and genuinely interested in my process....but still, I didn't feel a tug at my heart or a rush of blood.

On the other hand, the second date yesterday was a first date with a physician.  He arrived early, and I was sitting with a girlfriend whom I had met earlier to have girl time before date time.  Also, this girlfriend is my first confirmed bridesmaid.  Since my date was early, he sat with both of us.  And, he was a great sport from the beginning.  I told him he'd have two dates for a little while, and it was nice to see how he interacted with my friend, Monica.  His background is Spanish, and he has a slight accent and great looks to prove it....Now, he is my type.  I knew from the beginning of the date that I liked him, and he was totally on board with Project Husband.  Monica got 30 minutes of video footage from our date, but it was too long to upload on YouTube.  So, my video expert friend, Casey, is working on some edits.

My dinner date, Fernando, was wonderful - warm, fun, outgoing, friendly, interesting and very nice looking.....professional, looking for relationship.  He is a keeper - I'm looking forward to a second date.  But I'm going to give him some time and space to reach out to me...he did send a text after dinner saying that it was a lovely date.  I told him he was wonderful....seems the feeling is mutual.

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