Friday, March 19, 2010

First singles mixer at HOB Foundation Room + coffee date

Last night's singles mixer was SO FUN!  We had video captured by Casey Romanski and photos by Anna Webb of the CW 33, as well as Kelle from Premiere Photography.  You can see a photo gallery right now at

I reconnected with a guy I dated about a year ago....and it was really nice to see him!  I said, I always liked you....and he said the we'll see what comes from that.  The connection was that.

Also, I met 4 un-camerashy guys who would like to go on a date.  Success!  One new guy I met actually said, I love attention!  It was hilarious.....I saw people connecting and laughing and having a good time, so I'd say the event was successful.  The Foundation Room was very gracious to allow me to have the event at the venue....And, we had a fun after party at Ocean Prime....I remained with the recurring boyfriend.  So, I had a date for the night!  Love that.

This morning, I had a coffee date with a friend and singer/songwriter, Daniel Crisler.  We arranged the date and wrote a song together.  It's called Morning After, and I love it.  I can't wait to get a good production of it.  Then, Stuart at Urban Dog Coffee busted out his high-quality lens and took some photos of us as a couple.  It felt like prom.  We even did a prom pose.  Then, Stuart made us fake kiss, but it wasn't all that fake.  Daniel is adorable but considerably younger....early 20s.  He is a total sweetheart and good guy all around.  I love our song.  I love what we created together.  I love building our friendship.  I got to know a lot more about him today, and we've been friends for several months.

Dating is great!  Whether the date leads to the husband, it reinforces relationships - or allows me to see which relationships are not worth pursuing.

I haven't had time for lunch - better eat something.  I have a coffee date at 3pm with someone who emailed me from my Project Husband video.  He seems fascinating, educated, articulate, funny and cute...

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