Saturday, March 20, 2010

Marathon first date

Yesterday afternoon, I met a first date....and it was incredible!  He initially emailed me after a friend sent him my Facebook Project Husband page.  His email was witty and sincere, and we met for the first time yesterday afternoon at Starbucks in West Village.  I arrived just a minute before he did, and when he walked in the door, I recognized him right away and felt an immediate connection.  We waited in line to get our beverages and started talking about travel and ethnicity.  The conversation continued that way throughout the date - it was effortless to talk to this guy.  Also, he brought along a travel version of Connect Four.  So, we sat outside, sipping our drinks and playing Connect Four.  He distracted me with conversation, and he's a good strategist, so he beat me several times at the game, while I won only once.  I admit I felt defeated, especially since he said that he'd marry a girl who could beat him at Connect Four.  He did tell me that although I lost several times, I had scored points with our conversation.

The weather was perfect - the company was excellent....after 2 hours at Starbucks, we decided to change venues.  And, he took me to Sushi Axiom.  I love the was my first time.  He had a bunch of games in his car from a recent game night, and he had one in particular that caught my eye - Bop It Extreme.  He said that if I could score 20 points, we'd get was a challenge!  As we drove to the restaurant, I got a hang of the game.  At the restaurant, we had some wine and sushi, and it was a completely comfortable and fun experience being with him.  In between sashimi and wine, I played the Bop It game again, and I scored 27.  His high was 26.  So, I had found a game that I could win and put myself back in the running for marriage material.  

After a couple hours of eating and talking, and a science trick (where he balanced forks on a toothpick on a glass) and some picture taking and a little video of the Bop It challenge, we decided to move elsewhere.  He wanted to take me to a great dessert spot, but by the time we got there, both of us were full.  So then we decided to check out a movie.  We went to Mockingbird Station and checked out the opening night of Mother.  We were an hour early for the movie, so we sat and had a drink and chatted some more.  As we sipped our drinks, I told him how I needed a date in Vegas on April 9th, and he booked his flights!

The movie started, and we got close, holding hands....which reminded me of being in 8th grade at the movies, for some reason.  The movie was intense and long and slow but brilliant in some parts.  Even though it was a slow moving film, the company was incredible, and I really enjoyed sitting next to him.

After the movie ended, he took me to my car (and we were listening to Andrea Bocelli in his car, by the way).....and it was a perfect good night kiss and hug to end a perfectly fun evening.  By the time I got to my car, it was 1am, and we had first met at 3pm.  A 10 hour first date....with possible plans this afternoon and a Vegas date....success!!  This one is a keeper for sure...    

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