Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dating update

Well, I had a date last night and another today at lunch.  Last night's date was a meeting over drinks.  We met at the Living Room in the W's a great lounge just off the lobby, and it offers comfy seating with a lively atmosphere.  I arrived at 7:30pm, our set meeting time.  I noticed a cute guy sitting alone and thought he looked different from the profile, but he was cute and, we made eye contact, and I said hi.  He said hi.  I said, "are you Brian?"  He said, "Am I buying?"  I laughed and said, I am looking for Brian.  He said, "Oh.  I'll buy the second round."  It was hilarious!!!  At 7:32, I sent a text to my date letting him know that I was sitting in the lounge.  He called to tell me he was lost.  I gave him directions and sat by myself as I waited.  The cute guy then had a friend arrive, so he was occupied, and I was preoccupied.  I was thinking about the potential date, and as the minutes ticked by, I sent text messages, played Words With Friends and had an incessant inner monologue.

My date arrived at 8pm, exactly 30 minutes late.  He apologized, and he looked really cute, so I forgave him.  He looked exactly like his online profile, which was awesome.  That does not always happen....He said that I looked great...and he liked what he saw.  He got up to get us drinks, and he asked what I wanted.  I said Pinot Noir.  He said he had to go to the bathroom, so he went to the men's room, went to the bar and came back with a beer and a glass of white wine.  I said Pinot Noir is red, isn't it?!  He said did I get you the wrong drink?  I said I had asked for Pinot Noir.  He apologized and said he ordered Pinot Grigio.  I was thinking - hmmmm.....doesn't pay attention!  He did say it was his fault for not paying attention, and he offered to take it back.  He said Pinot Grigio is his favorite wine, and I agree that it's an awesome white.  But it was a cold night, and I was in the mood for red.  But I drank the white, and he redeemed himself by getting me a Pinot Noir when I finished the was funny, though!!

We definitely had a physical connection.  He kept brushing my arm or touching my leg as he talked, so I thought - hey, the attraction is there!  We talked about movies - neither of us love horror movies, and we talked about work and a little about past relationships, where we grew up, our families....but mainly the wine tasted great, and he looked great!  It was a good connection....and there was a kiss or we shall see!  He texted me today to say he'd like to get together again, so that's a good sign.

Today, I had a lunch date with another guy from  He also looked like his profile and even better.  He was adorable and had a great energy about him as well as a lime green sweater, which made him look really cute.  Honestly, it was the best lunch date I've ever had.  We really connected on an emotional and intellectual level.  We talked about his work - information technology.  We talked about travel (a passion for both of us).  We talked about immersing ourselves in culture, and we shared travel stories about Japan, Spain, Germany, England, France....and more.  He told me about his family and especially talked about his sister.  It was a balanced conversation, and I have to say that my listening skills have really improved....I love to talk, and sometimes I have to make myself shut up!  But it was easy with him - I loved hearing him talk.  I loved his expressions and excitement and passion for life.  It was like sitting across from a male version of myself in some ways.

We finished eating and just sat and talked.  We were at lunch for nearly an hour and 45 minutes, which was great.  We had a really nice hug at the end of lunch outside near my car.  The sun was shining, and it was the most beautiful day in Dallas....felt like L.A. weather!  He said he would call me on Monday to make plans for next week.  And then he texted me after we left each other.  It was so sweet and sincere, and the connection was palpable.  Plus it was in the middle of the day with full sunlight and no wine.....and I felt giddy!  This guy is a keeper.....

Both dates were good - I was attracted to both of them - and I think they'd both make great boyfriends....we'll see what happens....perhaps they are marriage material, but it is too soon to be sure....    


  1. do these guys know about this blog? I would think they would mind their "p" and "Q's" more if they did. :)

  2. These particular guys do not know.....I'm going to have to tell them eventually!!