Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Funny stuff from earlier date + last night's date

I was talking to my dad last night, and I remembered some date details that had eluded me...

On a recent date, a couple of interesting things happened - first, the date told me something huge and horrible had happened to him.  He was quiet for a minute, and I said, "tell me."  He said it wasn't first date conversation, so I didn't press it.  But, I think I make people feel comfortable in conversation - must be the social work training - maybe too comfortable!!  The date progressed nicely.  He was interesting and thoughtful.  At the end of the date, he told me he is nostalgic, and he started to cry.  It was amazing.  I've realized that men can be just as sensitive as women are.  But I was pretty surprised that he cried.  I guess I brought tears to his eyes :)  I was pretty shocked....and I forgot it had happened until I talked to my dad about the recent dating updates.  Incidentally, my dad is dating right now, too, and his stories are hilarious!!!

Perhaps Project Wife will be next.....!!!

Also, last night, I had a second date planned, but he had to cancel.  He said he had been working late and had only had a few hours of sleep over the last couple of nights.  He asked to reschedule, and we made plans for Wednesday.  We'll see.....I was annoyed, since my time is valuable.  But I did enjoy the quiet evening at home.  Zoe, my pup, was happy, too. 

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