Monday, March 22, 2010

Marathon second and third date

I know they say - take your time, don't rush love....etc. etc.  But this is progressing naturally and easily....don't worry - I'm not throwing the towel in yet.  I still have two other dates scheduled this week with a bunch of performances, events and meetings to keep me very busy.

However, after my 10-hour first date on Friday with a great, compelling man, I found myself in his company the following two nights.  He initiated all the plans, and I was able to accept.  For our second date, we had a game night at his place.  I brought wine, and he brought the games.  Now, these were strategy games he has played for years, and they were all new to a result, I lost each and every game we played that night, and I felt challenged and defeated.  But, I have always been a good sport (won the sportsmanship award for varsity field hockey in high school), so I stayed true to the game and kept my poker face.  I did admit that he was good....and that I had the disadvantage.  We then watched an amazing band from Mexico on DVD, and I translated the lyrics for him.  This is one of his favorite bands, and he's been listening with no idea regarding content.  So, I got a boost from being able to share some knowledge he didn't have.

Further, his apartment was immaculate.  No clutter, great decor, tasteful, refined yet fun...great location, layout, building.  He is super clean and organized, which is attractive...

For our date the next evening (which was last night), I suggested a game night on my home turf - Megatouch.  Corner Bar in Uptown has Megatouch, so that was our venue for the evening.  I managed to beat him at all of my games....and he admitted that I had won that round.  I definitely felt a sense of accomplishment.  But I think it's good that we each have our strengths and can learn from each other.  It's not fun for one person to win all the time...It just feels natural being with and near him.  He is fun-spirited with a gorgeous smile and dark hair.....he's tall and dreamy.  It's his birthday today, so I am going to see him tonight after we both complete our other plans.  Then, the week gets super busy for me, and I may not see him for a few nights, so I'm enjoying it while I can - while keeping all options open...nonetheless, I do have a good feeling about this one.

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