Thursday, March 11, 2010

Urban Dog Coffee Date + wedding dresses

Yesterday's date was at Urban Dog Coffee (my favorite coffee shop in Dallas).  And, this was a fourth date.  We met last year, and I guess you could say we've been building a friendship.  We share a passion for music - he is a singer/songwriter and accomplished recording artist.  We talked over his espresso and my vanilla tea latte, while sharing a cranberry orange muffin.  He talked about his current projects, and I talked about mine.  He talked about his preferred guitar amps, and as he began to describe the combination of solid state and tube amps, he began to launch into a massive amount of technical detail that made my mind wander into his eyes, his voice and his soul.  I admitted he had lost me - and I felt myself blush.  I do find knowledge attractive...he's attractive.

A bit later, I filled him in on Project Husband.  I wasn't sure how he would react, but he loved it.  He thought it was brilliant.  He also agreed to be videotaped - definitely a good sport.  I asked him some of my interview questions and gave him time to ask me questions.  The conclusion:  it seems as if our values are aligned, but our families are different.  His family is not openly affectionate, and mine couldn't be more affectionate.  He's also unsure of his desire to be a father, while I am certain I want to be a mother.  The date overall was very good.  We'll see...

After the coffee date, I joined two single girls and a single guy for dinner at Taco Diner.  I knew the girls, and the guy was my friend's match date.  She just wanted to bring along her girls!  It was fun....I recruited them to come to the singles mixer next week, and the guy from match said he'd bring some single friends.  So, there is power in working together in finding love!!!!

Today, I arrived in Florida to see my mom and to try on wedding dresses.  My goal was to get video footage and try on some dresses with my mom - just to see what was out there.  My mom made the appointment for me, and when we arrived, the store wanted no photography or recording of the dresses.  So, I brushed it off and quickly found four dresses I liked and wanted to try.  At the second dress, I found the one I wanted....totally unexpectedly!  I had only wanted to dip my feet in the pool.  I didn't think I'd be motivated to jump off the diving board....but I'm in deep over this dress.  It is AMAZING.  Like a glove.  But I'm not ready to decide yet.  The good news is that the dress can be ordered at any time, with 4 months' notice....!!

Tomorrow, I head to Miami for a friend's bachelorette party (I'm a bridesmaid in the wedding).....I will be scoping for husbands in South Beach!

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