Sunday, March 7, 2010

Unveiled at the Dallas Convention Center + anonymous date

Yesterday's Unveiled bridal event got me in the mood!!  I met with various vendors and got to see ideas for everything wedding-related.  From cakes (thank you Opulent Cakes for the samples - YUM!) to dresses to flowers, Unveiled covered everything a girl could need for a wedding.  The most inspiring part of the event was the fashion show.  Seeing the models in wedding gowns made me feel something big...something emotional, important, significant and exciting.  I felt happy and hopeful, and I was dreaming of love....dreaming of my day to wear a fabulous dress and celebrate with my friends and family.  Casey Romanski, guitar player and videographer extraordinaire, came to the event with me and documented my conversations, my photo shoot with Premiere Photography and the fashion show.  I can't wait to see the footage - it is downloading as I write this!

As I met with the various vendors and told them about my story, smiles emerged, lights went on, people laughed and some people seemed a little shocked at first.  By and large, everyone was supportive, excited and thoughtful....everyone had some ideas to lend.  People were thinking of potential bachelors, and some people were excited to attend the singles mixers that I have planned.  People want love!

Mostly, I was thankful to Kathy and the staff at Premiere Photography for arranging a special photo shoot for me and for graciously watching Casey's camera bag...Premiere has an amazing team, and I can't wait to see the photos from our first shoot.  They also will be at the singles mixer at the House of Blues Foundation Room Thursday, March 18th to document the evening.

I can't wait to try on dresses with my mom this coming week in Florida.....I can't wait to feel the dress on my skin and see myself in the shoes of a bride.

Incidentally, after the bridal show, I had an afternoon date over wine and cheese at a Spanish restaurant.  My date was gorgeous....totally dark and handsome......and although we met online, we realized we had met before....and we were connecting, and it was sort of intense.  So I told him I had a confession, and he was scared....and he thought Project Husband was brilliant.  But he preferred to remain anonymous.  Thus, I will not tell you his name or show you his picture....but I had a great time with him.  Unfortunately, his choice to remain anonymous means that he's not interested in being a groom....but that's life, right?!  And I need to know the truth.  The truth is that he's been married and recently divorced, and I feel he is still healing.  I am healed - I am ready for a lasting connection and a committed relationship. is finally getting some action....and some interesting emails from very interesting men....!!!!!  I have a coffee date after church today and a dinner date - both first dates, so I will keep you posted and will pray that they do not want to be anonymous!

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